Monday, March 4, 2013

Today's blog is a review of a new work by Lisa M. Buske titled:
Where's Heidi? One Sister's Journey.

This book invites the reader not only into Lisa's personal sorrow after her sister was kidnapped, but draws you into the story and subsequent process of healing both her and her family have gone through. Framed between quotes from Ecclesiastes and Psalms, each chapter moves you through the darkness and pain of loss into the hope and light of hope.  A great read for anyone who has gone through a personal tragedy.

Below is the author's info:

About the Author:

Lisa M. Buske’s sister, Heidi M. Allen was kidnapped on April 3, 1994 never to be seen or heard from again. God has taken a tragic instance of her life and transformed it into a life-saving occurrence. She writes with passion and out of obedience for the God who saved her knowing others need to hear her story. Lisa’s relationship with Jesus opened the door to a hope and healing she didn’t think was possible.

Lisa’s husband, Ed, daughter, Mary, and her parents serve as Lisa’s team as she writes and speaks. Lisa’s faith in God and dedication to family motivate and inspire her to do and be the best woman, wife, mother, and sister she can be. Her life proves it is possible to survive when God is part of the equation.

In addition to writing and speaking, Lisa works as a teacher’s assistant for her local school district and serves at different capacities within her church.

Book Synopsis:

In 1994, my only sister was abducted while working alone at a local convenience store. The book opens with an early morning phone call then details the emotions, grief, and confusion felt in those first moments while transitioning through the days, months, and years to follow.

A sibling's journey is different from that of a parent. Our role and feelings cannot compare yet they are just as important. Parents experience the greatest loss of their lives through the loss of their child. The emotional loss of the missing child’s siblings, has a similar and traumatic effect in their lives too.

I lost more than my sister on April 3, 1994 I lost my faith. Thanks to the bold faith of one child I have hope and a story to share. There is no one person or thing here on earth to replace Heidi or the friendship we had together yet after ten years of searching, I realized there is Someone who can, God.

“Mrs. Buske, you need Jesus.” Words that changed my life for the better.

My name is Lisa M. Buske and Heidi Allen is my sister. She remains missing but never forgotten. Our journeys after loss may vary yet the pain, grief, and need for hope are similar. This is my story of discovery, healing, and hope from the moment I learn of Heidi’s kidnapping until today.

Life after loss is a rollercoaster ride of memories and emotions.

Will you take this ride with me?

Purchasing Information:

Where’s Heidi? One Sister’s Journey will be released, April 3, 2013. Lisa’s book will be available at for your convenience. Additional bookstores and locations will be posted on her website once confirmed.

Lisa will be hosting a “scavenger hunt” as part of her TOP’S Tuesday blog series in the month of March to reveal a mystery location and book signing on April 3, 2013. There will be a limited number of books available at this location but more will be available at the book release party at The River’s End Bookstore in Oswego, New York later this same day.

More information will be posted as it’s determined.

Contact Information:

To learn more about Lisa M. Buske or to follow her writing and speaking:

Facebook: “Where’s Heidi?” book page and “Lisa M Buske” author page

Twitter: @LisaBuske

AIM: Lbuskewriter

Writing for keep Heidi's memory alive with prayers to heal those affected by abduction.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:

A time to be born and a time to die.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 -2 (NIV)


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  1. Jody,

    Thank you for reading and reviewing, "Where's Heidi? One Sister's Journey" with your readers. I pray it will help others know it is possible to both survive and thrive after loss, even a tragic one.

    Thanks again,
    Lisa M Buske